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What the Customers Say

Customer Comments


"Maple Oak Computer Solutions is my number 1 choice for both software and hardware supports. Whenever I have a question, I get a straight answer from Philip based on hard facts and his valuable network experience. No hype and no sales pitch. All my computer network problems are solved promptly. You couldn't find a better choice for reliable and dependable services."

                       Jay Zhao, Network Administrator, UBC

"Come here and get any problem solved."

                      Shawn Maghame, St. Paul's Hospital

"Your price is reasonable, your service is the best."

                     Oliver Go

"I'll be satisfied because I'm not afraid of any problem as I am sure you can fix them."

                    Pat, YMCA

"I obtained from Dr. Liao the best possible service well beyond what one may expect from a regular computer company... epitomizes what high quality technical service is all about."

            Igor Solar, The Computer Paper, Jan. 1992 Mailbox 


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